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Arizona Property Management

Arizona Property Management Services


  • Advertising of available properties through the local and regional newspapers, referrals, Realtors, the Internet, and yard signage.
  • Carefully screen tenants through researching and verifying prior landlords, employers, credit bureaus and checking for criminal background.
  • Our lease agreement was written to protect the Owners interest.
  • We negotiate the lease terms without you being on the front line with the prospective tenant.
  • Full time leasing staff to answer prospective tenant questions and personally show them the property.


  • Supervision of property repairs and maintenance.
  • We keep Owners best interests in mind.
  • Only qualified repair companies are allowed to work on properties. Each pre-selected by S.J. Fowler Real Estate, Inc. to ensure fair pricing and quality workmanship. We do not mark-up maintenance fees.
  • Competitive bidding on major repairs requiring Owner approval before authorizing.
  • 24 hour phone service for emergency repairs.
  • Periodic property inspections to ensure everything is in order and the tenant is in compliance with the lease agreement.


  • Weekly owner phone or email updates during vacancies.
  • Copies of all lease agreements online.
  • Written bids sent for prior authorization on improvement.
  • All phone calls returned within 1 business day by our staff.
  • 24 hour emergency phones available for Tenants.
  • 24 hour fax line and email.
  • 8 full time employees available for Owners and Tenants convenience.

Our Guarantee

  • If you are not 100% satisfied with our services at any time, for any reason, cancel us, no questions! Ask the competition if they have a guarantee like this
  • With over 25 years of experience managing hundreds of properties, we know how to earn and keep your trust and loyalty.
  • We will minimize your personal time, stress and aggravation, while maximizing property’s potential.
  • We will be here when you or the Tenant need us.

Service Fees

Professional service fees to S.J. Fowler Real Estate, Inc. are structured to fit your property and occasionally vary from the below rates dependent on the type, condition, location and rental rate.

Our fee for leasing the property to a new tenant

  • Homes: 1/2 of the 1st months rent ($300 minimum fee)
  • Multi-Units: 1/2 of the 1st months rent ($200 minimum fee)

Our monthly management fee:

  • Homes: 10% of the gross rent collected ($65 minimum fee when Tenant occupied, $65 fee while being marketed for rent and vacant).
  • Multi-Units: 10% of gross rent collected ($50 minimum fee when occupied, $50 while being marketed for rents and vacant).

Start up monies required at Commencement of the Agreement:

  • If the single family dwelling is vacant, $500 representing a $400 operating owner reserve and a start up fee of $100 to establish the account and for registering the property with the State Assessors Office for compliance with the Arizona Slumlord Abatement Law (ARS 33-1902).
  • If occupied or partially occupied, depending on they type of property, an agreed upon operating owner reserve plus a start up fee of $100.

Some important items to consider when comparing our fee structure to any other management company:

  • No hidden fees, everything disclosed up front.
  • Minimum start up fee of $100.
  • No termination fees after the first year.
  • Minimal lease renewal fee of $75.
  • Minimal fee when the property is vacant and not rented of $65 per month for Homes and $50 for Apartments.

Multiple property concessions: For each new property that a client brings to us, we credit the first months management fee for free. We also will give a free months management fee for referring new property owners to us!!! Please read and review the Management Agreement for additional information and explanation of our service fees.

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